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A Preview of 2017 Super Bowl: Patriots vs. Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons finally advanced to the Super Bowl and this would be their second appearance after outscoring the Green Bay Packers by 44-21 in the NFC Championship game to set up a match with the New England Patriots. The Super Bowl promises to be fun because the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons have […]

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A Few Facts on Tennis Shoes

In every sporting activity footwear plays an important role and the same can be said about tennis sport. With this sport as with many others, the players’ performance is very much influenced by the quality of the shoes. As a result, manufacturers of tennis shoes make use of the most recent techniques and best quality […]

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Warming Up for a day of Golf

Many consider golf to be more of a technical game and not much of a physical one. Though it might be true to some extent, saying that golf does not rely on the physical shape and size of the golfer would mean making a big mistake indeed. No matter how technical golf may be as […]

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