In every sporting activity footwear plays an important role and the same can be said about tennis sport. With this sport as with many others, the players’ performance is very much influenced by the quality of the shoes. As a result, manufacturers of tennis shoes make use of the most recent techniques and best quality materials to provide the most effective pairs of shoes for this type of sport.

When they create the tennis footwear they will take into account the following aspects:

  • They look into designing those shoes that offer protection for the players’ feet.
  • The design of the footwear must provide the necessary comfort and support to enable players have an easy movement of their feet around the court.
  • They take into account as well the surface of the tennis court that consists of various kinds, and as such they create the shoes to suit every type of tennis court surface.
  • They consider the design in accordance to different shapes and sizes of the feet.
  • Several of the companies that manufacture these shoes will consider making shoes for top players to improve the reflexes and reactions of the players while playing on the court.

The design of a perfect pair of tennis shoes must consider the fitting of the shoe. As such one shoe must be created with a 1/2″ gap between the longest toe and the shoe end. One other thing to consider is to make the feet movement perform much easier with the perfect heel adjusted to this feature. The lateral support of the shoes is also important because it ensures an easier running on the tennis court preventing the ankle from being injured. This is also an important aspect to consider for those players who have a stronger body constitution.

Tennis shoes are made with two types of cushioning:

1. EVA – which is very light does not provide the stability and durability of a shoe.
2. PU (polyurethane) – which is heavier but more stable and durable.

One feature that is mandatory with the design of tennis shoes is flexibility, because these shoes need to bend very easily while playing run across the court. If you are a passionate tennis player, you must carefully choose your shoes to make sure that you have a great tennis sporting experience.

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