Basketball is a sport that demands a great physical condition allowing its players to be able to run on the court for all sorts of moves involved in both defense and offense playing. If players are not properly trained, they will have hard times to keep up with the alert rhythm of playing, which is so specific for basketball sporting. One of the exercises that trains them to be in a top condition is the basketball drills.

The fast paced practice is therefore chosen by trainers for their players with the purpose to help them stay fit. There are various techniques that coaches approach when it comes to practicing, but maybe the most commonly used one is the stretching before any type of training. Stretching is the warming up of the muscles because these important pieces of a body structure should not be forced during the actual training. Basketball drills are also part of the starting techniques that follow the warming up.

Conditioning drills require for the players to run to the baseline for after this run to the other side of the floor and do another drill. Basketball drills come in various challenging forms, some of them are less demanding than others, but performing a combination of these ones, will allow players to catch their breathe without stopping while doing these drills.

One way would be for them to begin with conditioning drills, they might as well go on with the sprinting and thus have their feet worked out. The footwork drill comes as a sprint to a line, cross it back and forth for 10 times and after that sprint again for the next line.

Since this one is part of the warming up, it is no place and time for taking a break. Therefore the next move they make is getting in pairs with one of them jogging to get the ball. The dribbling starts with one player running down the court handling the ball with his right hand and then switching it to the left. He will play for the offense while the other player will start the defensive techniques. These ones will show the player taking the defensive position covering the other player.

All these tactics will take place at half speed allowing the player to move in such a manner that they will have time to catch their breath. Apart from these, players will have to focus on the basic moves they make – dribbling and playing in both offense and defense.

The practice performed in basketball training has the purpose of keeping the players in a good physical condition while they will start with half speed moves and practicing further to a more alert rhythm. Drills will help them to stay focused on their moves while thinking how to defense or perform later attacks.

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