Not many people understand the beauty of golf. While brutal and physical games such as rugby, football and boxing attract millions of people, golf is only for a sophisticated few who swear by it. Most people start following sports such as rugby and football in their teens when the sports helped them vent their raging hormones while golf is something one needs to develop a taste for. Golf has always been considered to be an intelligent man’s game. There are a lot of things that have to be taken in consideration while playing the game. One does not only rely on brutal strength or a fixed set of skills, but one has to constantly adapt and improve to changing circumstances. Wind is one very important factor in golf. One has to rely on accurate calculations in order to p lay in the presence of wind as any miscalculation can lead to catastrophic results. Another very important factor that comes to play in golf is the weather. Apart from the wind, cold weather can be quite influential and must be tackled carefully if one is to win the game.

Cold air is extremely heavy and hence it creates a lot of friction and resistance for the golf ball when it is hit by the club. Hence when the weather is cold then it is important for the golfer to the hit the ball harder with a hard swing of the club. At the same time a harder swing makes one lose all precision and hence creates a lot of errors that could have been avoided otherwise. A harder swing while attempting to hit the ball harder causes the golfer to be out of the desired position and thus allowing the dominant side of your body to mistimed the shot and lose all precision that is required to hit the target in the desired direction with the desired speed. In order to hit the ball harder, the reckless and more forceful swing causes the shoulder and the better arm of the golfer to be out of position and this is what leads to costly errors that eventually lead to the player’s defeat.

In order to play well in the cold weather all players must gear their club swing in such a manner that it produces a lower and smaller trajectory to the actual flight of the ball. This can be accomplished if the swing plane is in a shallower arc. This way the head of the club will connect with the ball properly and hence the shot can be executed perfectly. Also it will be a good idea to play the ball with your stance slightly back in order to ensure that you hit the ball properly in cold weather. One of the most important things while swinging the club in cold weather is to set up one’s shoulders correctly at the address. A good shoulder motion automatically results in a good swing.

The best way to learn how to play in cold weather is by actually going out there and experiencing it for yourself. Theory will only work so much for you, after all it all depends on the golfer. And one must remember to keep the golf equipment properly in the cold weather. A golfer is as good as his equipment which includes his shoulders, arms and hands.

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