Playing golf may seem easy and fun but it is actually not that easy. Many a times we have seen golfers like Tiger Woods swinging the ball from a far away distance into the hole, and we keep wondering how effortlessly they do it. It has taken them years of practice to master a swing like that. Someone trying a golf swing for the first time is bound to fail. Moreover, trying to hit the ball too hard with a lot of force may end up in a disaster with the player ending on the ground. Thus it is always advised that you try it with proper practice and in the right way. The mechanism is simple yet each and every detail needs to be taken care of.

The swing is the most sought after stance among golfers. Even after going through the steps of swinging a golf club, a good amount of practice is needed to master the golf swing. Starting with the tips, the first and foremost one is about gripping the club. The golf club should be held in the right way and not like a stick or a mace. The left hand should come first with the right hand just below it grabbing the stick. It is the other way round for left handers. Keeping the grip firm and not too tight is the key. After getting the grip right move on to the stance, which is very important. It is more of an athletic type. The perfect balance should be maintained otherwise the impact of the swing might throw you to the ground. Mastering a golf swing comes with mastering the stance. Bend down a little balancing the weight of your body on both of the knees and the ball of the feet. The shoulder should be straight and parallel to the target.

Taking a stance makes one ready for the swing. First is the back swing. Here is where most of the players or learners commit the mistake. Rather than moving the whole body or the upper part of the body, they tend to hinge the wrist. This decreases the force and also lowers the balance of the body. To make a perfect golf swing, move the upper part of your body towards your right leg also taking the club up without hinging the wrist. When the club is parallel to the ground bend the wrist so that the club points upward. Now bend the full length so that the chin is above the left shoulder and the left arms stretched fully straight.

The down swing follows the back swing. If the former one is done perfectly then the latte done should come naturally just by unwinding. Just before the club hits the ball, the spine should be straight with the hips a bit apart and the rest of the body as in the addressing position. After striking, move along the way of the club turning towards the target and completing the golf swing.

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