Collecting baseball cards has become a very popular hobby given the fact that this sport has a large number of fans across USA. It is in fact the most popular sport game that is pursued by both kids and adults in America. This is the reason that has determined several companies to produce major league baseball cards in a number of 20 different sets every year per each company.

It is important to mention here that there is something else that seems to be more valuable when it comes to collecting and this is the producing of ‘chase cards’ that are not part of the baseball card sets. They come in a very limited number and represent mostly figures that are not necessarily related to baseball, such as pieces of Babe Ruth baseball bat, or a signature of President Taft and others alike.

These baseball cards have been initially introduced back in the 60s by Topps company which created only a set of these cards that made collecting them quite easy. You just had to go at the local drugstore and purchase a pack of these cards and have them ‘flipped’ with your friend. This was back then a hobby that many kids embraced for the fun of it. It has evolved lately in the 1989 when the first Major League Baseball set of cards was produced by Upper Deck Company. It represented the Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card, the player who was thought the baseball phenomenon at that time. This has marked the beginning of baseball cards collecting with many baseball fans showing interest in owning these cards.

But this is not the same these days, because collecting baseball cards can be seen as a valuable endeavor so long as you get hold of those ‘chase cards’ that sell very high on eBay. The current baseball cards are mostly a completion to the collection of those chase cards that one owns as their hobby. You will find many collectors cherishing their cards at that point where they keep them under protection in thick plastic foils to prevent them from getting damaged.

When you plan to become the possessor of these valuable cards, you should take a look at the packs that value $10 or $20 which have a fine print telling you that there is slight chance (1 in 10,000 chance) to get a chase card. For this fact, the simple act of purchasing one of these sets can become useless and all that you can get is a number of 5 cards which don’t mean anything to any baseball card collector.

However, collecting these baseball cards can become your hobby which is more the extension of your love for this sport. You can in the meanwhile aim to obtain baseball cards that were produced by Topps or Upper Deck companies since they are seen as the basic for these types of collections.

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